I am regularly blessed to witness and share wonderful experiences with recipients of the Reiki energy and Angel connections that flow through me, and I continue to be deeply amazed at the power of it. I have recently asked some of these people to share something about their experience that might help others see what wonderful benefits can come from this gift. I will post them as I recieve them, so check back often. I won’t post contact info or full names, but if you want to verify, I can provide that.

This testimonial is from a person that I provided a distance energy/reading for via phone (all the way across the country in California!). During the session, I felt and heard that she was not living her life authentically, but was living it too much to please others (as so many of us do). I felt that she had come physical difficulties in her lungs and throat area that were a result of this holding back, and that if she would begin to do more what she wanted to do and felt called to do, that the physical problems would disappear. I also told her to ask angels to help her guide and support her in finding her true purpose and gaining the courage to live it. As it turned out, I learned that she had COPD (a serious lung disease), and she followed up with me a week or so later…

“I wanted to touch base with you. Thank you for the reading and talk that we had earlier this month. It helped me get a clearer picture of my direction. Since our meeting many wonderful things have been happening that I wanted to share with you since you are someone who understands. As you know, I have decided to go to school to become a HHP. I told you that I was going to decide by that Friday after I spoke with you. I called and got an appointment to go in Friday to enroll. On the drive over there I was breathing and just taking in all the beauty around me asking my angels to guide me and all of the sudden when I took in a breath, the breath just opened up my lungs like a little blast of air that went way deeper than my normal breath. I even coughed a little. Then when I looked around me, everything was so much more clear and bright and vivid. It was like there was a bolt of new life that went through me. I imagined what I felt was similar to a new born baby when they take their first breath. That’s what it felt like. I know you said I was having problems with my mouth and lungs because I was not speaking or living my truth. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with COPD and have been on a daily inhaler since then. Here’s the cool part…. Tuesday I went to the Dr. for a TB test (which I needed to enroll in school) and I asked the Dr if he could do a chest x-ray just to see how my lungs were doing. He did the x-ray and came in the room and told me my lungs were totally fine. Clear, nothing wrong with them and that I should stop taking the medication. I was so excited, I thanked God, Raphael, and all the angels all the way home. I just wanted to share the good news with you.” – Cathy – San Diego, CA

And more from various others:

I’m still delighted with the greatly enhanced energy level I have since the angel reading…My mind is much clearer, my memory is better, I sleep soundly (a rarity) and I can communicate more clearly. This has been a great blessing. – Ruth – Marietta, GA

Sherri – I loved our session and I feel great! My ankle feels almost 100%, I feel a lightness about myself, and a calm has come over me. Thank you~ you are truly gifted and I love the combination of the Reiki with the angel healing. I have told several people already who I think could benefit greatly from it. …You are on a mission right now to help so many people and they will find you!
Bonnie – Marietta, GA

This testimonial is from a young woman, Tricia, who has been diagnosed with cancer and has chosen (under much criticism) to deal with this in her own spiritual way – finding the real root of the problem and healing that, as opposed to following the traditional medical route. I respect that choice and will do what I can to assist her in re-discovering her beautiful soul to achieve her goal, because I know that it is possible to heal oneself in that manner (Louise Hay’s story, told in the recent DVD, “You Can Heal Your Life” is a wonderful example of this). Tricia has already survived much longer than the prognosis would have indicated, as she was told that she would be dead by now if she didn’t seek immediate invasive procedures. Her faith and courage is a blessing to me, and I totally believe that God and the angels look down on her as a shining example of what faith is all about…the courage to follow one’s own convictions.

I was diagnosed with two types of cancer in 2007 and was told by several doctors if I didn’t get a hysterectomy ASAP I would die. I decided there had to be another way. Over the past 13 months, I’ve embraced several alternative treatments- homeopathy, Reiki, a vegetarian diet, acupuncture, herbs, etc. Even though I believe I’m making the right choices for me, at some point on my journey I felt as if I needed additional guidance and direction. When my Reiki practitioner, Brad Dixon, told me about Sherri and her Manifestation with Angels Session, I knew she was an answer to a prayer. My Angels session with Sherri was absolutely amazing. Sherri knew things that she had no way of knowing other than receiving the information from the Angels. I know how important it is to “cut the cord” with people who are toxic (even if they are a family member) to bring healing back into my life. I was really amazed when she described someone in my life to a T and told me the cord connecting me with this person was wrapped around my body/neck (squeezing the life out of me.) I knew exactly who she was talking about. We asked Archangel Michael to cut the cord immediately. I received so much valuable information from her regarding not only my present and past, but also a glimpse into what the future holds for me. After our session ended, I felt so relaxed and at peace, I went home and slept for eight hours without waking up. I’m really looking forward to our next session. The messages I received from the Angels through Sherri completely put me at ease with all of the decisions I’ve made concerning my health. I know now that I’m going in the right direction to be completely well again. -Tricia – Kennesaw, GA

This was a follow up from a massage therapist who had a Reiki/angel session:

Just wanted to say that session was awesome. One client noticed that my massage was different and I mentioned the reiki… He was very intrigued by what happened to me. THANK YOU!! I would love to do it again. Channary – Marietta, GA

The following testimonial is from a woman whose elderly father was in the hospital and was very ill. His kidneys had shut down entirely and had been that way for a while without improvement. I did distance Reiki for him and he started seeing results right away. No doubt that the prayers he was already receiving had an effect, but the Reiki energy – the energy of pure love – seemed to be the real boost that put him on his way to recover. ..The power of allowing this energy in faith is amazing!:

It’s working!!! He felt better today than in over a month, the doctor said if the “numbers” keep improving then his kidneys are recovering and there is a decent chance that he will not need dialysis more than a few more times. Hooray!!! May many blessings flow your way. Ruth – Marietta, GA
About 2 weeks later, Ruth let me know that her father had been taken off of dialysis entirely:
The doctors are taking out the perma-cath Monday because dialysis is no longer needed! The diet restrictions have been eased and he’s feeling stronger every day. I’m SO grateful. Can we ever love our daddies enough?

This was after a powerful “Manifesting with Angels” session:

When Sherri first told me she could see and communicate with angels, I was very skeptical. But I finally had the courage to give it a try and it was absolutely fabulous. She helped me get in touch with parts of myself that I had lost and forgotten. At the beginning of the angel session, not much was happening and I had doubts, then we had our first “visitor”. Sherri started describing this woman, and the name of my second grade teacher popped into my head. The physical description, and the messages that came through Sherri from this teacher made me certain that it was real. They were exactly the things that this teacher would have known or phrases she would have said to encourage me and exactly what I needed to help me with the issue I had asked for help with. I received messages from my grandfather & mom that were specific enough to make this experience totally authentic, and I could feel things in my body in exactly the places where she told me Archangel Gabrielle was standing and touching me. Now my skepticism is disappearing and I am beginning to feel a sense of knowing. I have a ways to go, but I am beginning to find the path.
John – Marietta, GA

After Reiki session and Angel session:

I first had just a Reiki session from Sherri and didn’t really understand what it was or where it came from. But I could definitely feel the energy coming through her hands. It made me feel relaxed and I noticed that frequent headaches went away after it and I slept better. Then I did an angel session and the angels told her about an experience that I had as a young girl that I felt really bad about at the time, even though it wasn’t all that big of a deal looking back. I had forgotten about it for almost 60 years. When she told me about it, she described it exactly as it had happened and I remembered it very clearly. Then she told me that the angels were telling me to forgive myself for it, because it was when I first started feeling bad about myself and that I needed to remember my goodness. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and tears ran down my face, even though I hadn’t ever realized it was bothering me. It was a great feeling and a relief. Lee – Asheville, NC

After Reiki session:

Before I tried Reiki, I have to say I was a bit skeptical about the idea of an unseen “life force energy”. However, I will say, I am now a believer! When it started I was shocked that with no touch, I could feel Sherri’s hands. Her hands hovered over the top of my head, to my face, all the way to my feet. When she reached my feet, she touched me for the first time, one hand under my left foot, and the other under my left knee. Within a few minutes she took her hand from my knee to the top of my left foot and said “I feel like you have alot of stress in this ankle.” This was amazing to me because I had just overcome a sprained ankle. Then, she went to my other leg. Once again, one hand under my right foot and one under my right knee. The only difference was this time she then moved the hand from the foot to the knee, with both hands there, and said, “I feel alot of tension here as well.” I couldn’t believe it! Her hand was placed directly on the MCL that I partially tore playing soccer in college. I think Reiki was a very cleansing experience that helped me feel better and become more in touch with not only myself, but my surroundings as well. I will definitely have Reiki again. Logan, 25 – Asheville, NC

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