Angel Connections

The power of angels will change your life, if you allow it. Angels are recognized by all religions as a conduit or messenger for the energy of God (or Source). I believe they are energy aspects of Divine Love and compassion. We may think of them as winged creatures because that is what our mind has been taught, but they can appear in many forms because their essence is pure love.

Everyone has angels available to them and the ability to connect with angels, but because of our free will, in order for angels to help us in the way that God intended, we have to ask them for their assistance. In rare instances, like when our lives are in danger before our time, angels can intervene on our behalf, but in most cases, they can only stand by and watch until we call them in. I have often mused that the angels must get very bored when we don’t involve them in our lives, while they just wait for us to ask them for their assistance. They must sit back in great frustration when we take the harder road rather than asking for their guidance and making things easier. (“Oh, she’s really choosing the harder path there… if only she’d ask for our guidance!” ) I know that they miss us and rejoice when we allow them to serve and help us.

God has blessed us with the gift of angels, just as He blessed Jesus, Noah, Solomon, Abraham, Mother Mary….with the assistance of angels. In the same way that they guided these great spiritual leaders and many others in every major religion, they will guide us along the path to truly serving God and Humanity by being our greatest and Highest Selves. And while we may think that we are not special enough to have angels, not chosen, nothing could be further from the truth! We are all chosen, just very few of us really answer the call to be great, to look further than the norm that our society has prescribed. Even those who may be devoutly religious often refuse to look outside their prescribed boundaries and open their minds to all that we can be, all that God can be. We allow ourselves to be ordinary, and forget that we are extraordinary. How could we be anything less than wonderful if we are from God?! It is our belief that we are less than wonderful that makes us behave that way, and as soon as we remember and reconnect with our true and best selves, we will once again be wonderful.

Calling on angels for their help and guidance, and then listening to and following it, can be a true turning point in our lives, and the one that opens us up to continuous miracles. Yet, we so often go through it on our own, without this Divinely guided assistance, because we are unaware of their purpose and availability…because we are afraid to be great.

I have been blessed with a gift of connecting with Angels, Archangels, and Masters, and helping others to connect. At first, it was not a gift that I was particularly comfortable with (or at least not sharing it with others!), nor was it a gift I could believe would have been bestowed upon me. I later realized the validity of the gift and knew that covering it up or denying it would be like turning my back on God. This process has caused me to have to change my life in many respects and surrender things or situations that may have been important to me, to find myself distanced from some around me, and to sometimes not know the road ahead. And yet I am at blissful peace in the surrender, because that is what true Faith is, and that is what creates miracles. Faith is not in a book or a building or a church…it can only be found in our hearts and is only real when we demonstrate a willingness to follow it, even when we know that doing so will create challenges. When we cling to a prescribed menu for God or keep Him under a comfortable umbrella, we probably aren’t acting in faith, but in fear.

In particular, I have a strong connection to the Archangels and Jesus, which can help you remember and realize your Divine Plan – what you came here to do. Many times, departed loved ones are also there to lend their love and support – to let us know that they will be with us on our journey. It doesn’t matter what particular religious background you have, if any. The loving guidance is there for all who ask. So many of us have a feeling in our soul that there was something that we came to the add to the world, but just can’t quite remember what it is. Our lives become frustrated because we have that greater longing somewhere inside. Part of my purpose is to help you reconnect with that, and receive guidance for how to achieve it. I am continuously amazed at how profound this experience can be and I feel so grateful to be able to share it with others.

I would love the opportunity to help you open up to Divine guidance – and thereby open to the miraculous power of pure Love. It will be life changing if you allow it.

Did you know…?

Archangel Michael is a powerful protector with a forceful energy that can be anywhere and everywhere at once. He is God’s Warrior/Protector angel that calls on us to Bring the Light to the world, and is a powerful aid to have by your side. Among many other things, he will protect you, lift fear and fear-based habits, and help you remember your Divine Purpose and carry it out. Michael has an extremely important purpose at this time in bringing the Light back to the world and is calling on many to remember their place in that process. Because he can help us lift our fear of being great, he can be the key to unlocking and unleashing the magnificence that God placed in each of us, the key to BEING the Light, often working hand-in-hand with Jesus to call us to that service. Call on Michael any time you are afraid, and regularly ask that he surround you in light and keep you safe. Just as important, call on Michael to help you see your true Divine Purpose and to have the courage to fulfill your highest Destiny. Michael’s presense is powerful and intense. He often works from a distance because the level of his energy is so strong, but if you receive an up close and personal visit from him, you will feel it!

Archangel Gabrielle is the Messenger. All angels are messengers (and may call on us to be messengers with them), but Gabrielle is the big messenger…which is why she is often depicted with a trumpet in art. (Yes, Gabrielle is a female). Her presence is softer than Michael’s, but when she wants your attention, she will get it! Arts and Communication is one area of focus, so she will help individuals through those kinds of projects, or call you to use those talents for service. Gabrielle is calling many at this time to use their talents for a greater good – to uplift souls. She is awakening many to their Divine Purpose. She is also closely associated with children, parents, expectant mothers, and with helping us raise our children or work with children…she is the angel that announced to Mother Mary that she would be giving birth to Jesus. Call on Gabrielle for help with creative projects, for assistance in birthing or raising children, or just general nurturing love. Her assistance and solutions in these areas can create miraculous results.

Archangel Raphael is the Healer. He works to heal us with Divine love, as all angels do, but his healing power is very pronounced. Raphael’s presence is soft and loving. He heals our physical issues as well as our emotional ones – because most physical ailments are the results of some feeling of inadequacy or pain within us – our punishing ourselves for not being good enough. Many people are not aware that angels all have Divine counterparts (just as all souls d0). This Divine counterpart is a twin soul – in the sense of being the “other half”, the one supreme soul mate that complements perfectly and can bring out the very best in us if our hearts are in the right place, if we give up our egos. Raphael’s counterpart is Mother Mary, who was an angel who came to earth with the task of giving birth and mothering Jesus. Calling on Mary and/or Raphael will bring you the healing energy of compassion,..compassionate love like that of a mother who cares for us unconditionally and loves us under all circumstances. It is this kind of love that can heal us individually, and heal those around us, which is why we all need to strive to see each other as angels see us, as God sees us…to see the beauty in each other rather than the faults. Mother Mary is associated with Christianity, but her deeply compassionate healing love (and that of Raphael and all angels) is available to anyone who asks. If you begin to see in this manner, you will see problems dissolve and miracles happen. Connecting with the angels can help you to see through non-judgmental eyes much more quickly, and many are being called to make that connection at this time. In doing so, we have a real opportunity to make a difference in the world.

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