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I’m Sherri Lane and I have set up this page as a central ground for the spiritual healing work that I do. Seven years ago, I experienced a deep awakening of spirit. Gifts opened up in me that I knew I was called to share with others. At times, this wasn’t easy, as the ways of the world are so very different from the ways of spirit. I can be difficult to get others to see anew, yet that’s where our healing lies.

I have been on a journey since that time to explore energy healing and the spiritual truths that lead to that, and I have shared in numerous ways, most central has been my Facebook fan page “Seeing Miracles Every Day: A Course In Miracles,” which has grown enormously to a following of well over 300,000 without any advertising or promotion. Spiritual truth attracts those ready to see and hear it!

I have also written a book about my own Awakening and some of what it showed me. This book, “Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles” is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, as well as on this site. I am currently working on a followup to that book and will be posting more into here as it becomes available.

I host a radio show, “Awakening to Miracles” on Blogtalk Radio, through which I offer on-air spiritual counseling and connections with angels and spirit, to convey callers’ best steps now on their spiritual path, and I teach online classes from time to time to share healing methods and open up these gifts in participants. We all have these gifts…it is our charge to awaken them. I have hosted these free classes and shared excitedly because I believe that we can change the world through changing within. We are all human angels, we simply have to remember and wake up to our spiritual selves to tune into that purpose again.

This new page will serve as a vehicle for all that I do, so please bookmark and check in from time!

Love and light,

Sherri Lane
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